High end wallcoverings for
yesterday, today and tomorrow’s homes.

New Tekko

10,05 x 1,06 m

TEKKO®, wallcovering brand recognized throughout the world for its quality and prestige,
so much so that it was used to decorate the interiors of buildings such as
the White House in Washington, the Kremlin in Moscow and the Quirinale in Rome,
is back on the market with new contents that keep its historical and prestigious identity.
“New Tekko” is a collection of wallpapers that recall the luxury, elegance and preciousness
of the historic TEKKO® collections. By reworking some of the iconic original designs,
thanks to specific studies and extensive research, even more precious wallpapers have now been created,
enriched by surprising three-dimensional effects,
pearly and iridescent color variations, unique in their kind.


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